Understanding Thailand in 3 Minutes

Thailand’s Former Name – Siam
Location – Southeast Asia
Border Countries – Cambodia (East), Laos (North), Myanmar (West), Malaysia (south)
Map of Thailand

Capital – Bangkok (population: 8.2 million, 2010)

Number of Provinces – 76 (See: List of Provinces)

Area – 513,120 sq. km.

Population – 69.07 million ( 2018), 67.2 million (2010)

Population Dencity (number of people per sq. km) – 135

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – 455 billion (US$, 2017)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP PPP) – 1.1 billion (US$, 2017 @2010 constant prices)

Poverty Ratio – 8.6%

Religion – 95% Buddhist

Government – Constitutional Monarchy

King – Maha Vajiralongkorn or Rama X (2016 – present)

Prime Minister – Prayut Chan-o-cha (2014 – present)

(See list of former prime ministers .)

Largest Island – Phuket Island

Highest Mountain – Mt. Inthanon (height: ‎2,565 m or 8,415 ft), found in Chiang Mai

Largest Lake – Songkhla Lake with an area of an area of 1,040 km

Source of Data: World Bank – last retrieved 1-23-2019

A view of Bangkok Skyline from Baiyoke Tower II
Most Thais are very religious. Even in modern Bangkok, temples stand side by side with skyscrapers.
Chao Phraya River bisects Bangkok
Chao Phraya River – Santa Cruz Church in the background stands as a testament of Portuguese legacy in Thailand.

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