Sta. Cruz Church in Bangkok

Sta. Cruz Church

One of several Catholic Churches in Bangkok is the Sta. Cruz (Holy Cross) Church. It is located in Thon Buri District on the west bank of Chao Phraya River. See Map below for the exact location. The piece of land where it now stands was a gift from King Taksin to the Catholic faithful who fought with him against the Burmese. The church became the seat of the Apostolic Vicariate of Siam until 1821, when Assumption Cathedral was completed.

The wooden church was completed in 1770 but it was renovated in 1834 to incorporate Chinese art. This was to accommodate the patrons from the Chinese Community. The present structure, built in Renaissance Revival style, was completed in 1916.

Today, the church stands tall with its crimson dome to remind visitors that although Thailand was never colonized by a western country, western influence particularly the Portuguese had left its mark in this country.

Address: 112 Soi Kudeejeen, Thon Buri, Bangkok 10600
Phone: 02 472 0154

Mass Schedule:
Weekdays: (Thai) 6:00, 19:00
Sundays: (Thai) 6:00, 8:30, 19:00

Sta. Cruz Church

Sta. Cruz Church

Sta. Cruz Church

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