Australian Historical Events in September

Australian Historical Events is a daily guide to the important events that shaped Australia to what it is today. It is a compilation of significant events for the month of September including the birth and death of famous Australians as well as laws promulgated by authorities. The list is constantly updated to incorporate the most recent events.

Australian Historical Events in September

Day Year Event
5 2008 Dame Quentin Alice Louise Bryce begins her term as the 25th governor-general of Australia, the first woman to hold the office.
7 1815 Birth: John McDouall Stuart, the surveyor who first crossed the continent of Australia from south to north and returned.
9 1908 William Ward, 2nd Earl of Dudley, begins his term as the 4th governor-general of Australia.
9 1958 Under Commonwealth Cabinet Decision 1573, D. E. Nickels was appointed the first official representative of the new Christmas Island territory.
12 1854 The Melbourne to Sandridge (Now Port Melbourne) railway line, the first passenger railway in Australia, was inaugurated.
12 1918 Sir George Reid, the 4th prime minister of Australia, dies of cerebral thrombosis at age 74 in London, United Kingdom.
13 1824 The convict settlement party landed in Redcliffe, formally establishing the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement that would become the city of Brisbane in Queensland.
15 2000 Opening of the Sydney Summer Olympics, also known as the Millennium Olympic Games or the Games of the New Millennium.
24 1850 The University of Sydney Act 1850 (NSW) was passed.
24 1903 Sir Edmund “Toby” Barton stepped down from office as prime minister of Australia.
24 1993 The International Olympics Committee announced that Sydney, Australia won the right to host the 2000 Summer Games during its session in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
30 1824 British Captain James Gordon Bremer established Fort Dundas on Melville Island, located off the coast of Northern Territory as a part of the Colony of New South Wales.

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