Australian Historical Events in February

Australian Historical Events is a daily guide to the important events that shaped Australia to what it is today. It is a compilation of significant events for the month of February including the birth and death of famous Australians as well as laws promulgated by authorities. The list is constantly updated to incorporate the most recent events.

Australian Historical Events in February

Day Year Event
2 1960 William Shepherd Morrison, 1st Viscount Dunrossil, begins his term as the 14th Governor-General of Australia.
4 2004 Train line from Darwin to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory was inaugurated.
6 1832 The Swan River Colony with a population of 1,500 was changed to Western Australia Colony.
6 1893 The first day of the 1893 Great Flood occurred in the city of Brisbane.
7 1788 The colony of New South Wales was formally proclaimed by Governor Arthur Phillip at Sydney.
14 1966 The Australian Dollar (AUD) was introduced as the official currency and legal tender of Australia.
16 1989 William George Hayden begins his term as the 21st Governor-General of Australia.
16 1996 Sir William Patrick Deane begins his term as the 22nd Governor-General of Australia.
19 1942 Japanese warplanes bombed Darwin, killing at least 243 people and causing immense damage to the town, airfields, and aircraft.
20 1804 Hobart in Tasmania Island was founded as a new settlement for military, convicts and other settlers.
25 1845 Birth: George Reid, the fourth prime minister of Australia
26 1606 Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon made the first European recorded landfall in the Continent of Australia, at the Pennefather River on the western shore of Cape York in Queensland, near what is now the town of Weipa.
27 1858 The University of Sydney (USYD) received a royal charter from Queen Victoria, giving degrees conferred by the university rank and recognition equal to those given by universities in the United Kingdom.

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