Australian Historical Events in August

Australian Historical Events is a daily guide to the important events that shaped Australia to what it is today. It is a compilation of significant events for the month of August including the birth and death of famous Australians as well as laws promulgated by authorities. The list is constantly updated to incorporate the most recent events.

Australian Historical Events in August

Day Year Event
1 1825 Andrew Bent, the printer of Hobart Town Gazette, was convicted of libel, sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined £518.
1 1946 The Australian National University Act 1946 was passed to create the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, the capital of Australia.
3 1856 Birth: Alfred Deakin, the second prime minister of Australia
3 1961 William Philip Sidney, 1st Viscount De L’Isle, starts his term as the 15th Governor-General of Australia.
5 1850 The Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Australian Constitutions Act, granting the right of legislative power to the Australian colonies.
6 1929 The railway from Adelaide to Alice Springs was completed.
8 1851 Birth: George Turner, the first treasurer of Australia
11 2003 Major General Philip Michael Jeffery begins his term as the 24th governor-general of Australia.
12 1829 The settlement of Perth in Western Australia began.
17 1914 Central Flying School (CFS in Point Cook commenced its first flying course.
21 1770 Lieutenant James Cook named the northernmost point on the Australian mainland as Cape York in honour of Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany, a brother of King George III of the United Kingdom.
21 1842 Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, became a city.
22 1872 Australian Overland Telegraph Line, connecting Adelaide in South Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory, was completed.
24 2018 Scott Morrison takes oath as the 30th prime minister of Australia.
26 1953 Birth: David John Hurley, the 27th governor-general of Australia and the 38th governor of New South Wales
29 1913 The Diocese of Sydney was elevated as a Metropolitan archdiocese.
30 1835 Melbourne was established as a settlement by a group of Vandemonian settlers from Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania).
31 1933 Stuart, the largest town in the Australian geographic center, was renamed Alice Springs, after Alice, wife of the telegraph pioneer Sir Charles Todd.

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