Tell Me Why (Did Jesus Die) Lyrics, Video

Tell Me Why (Did Jesus Die) Lyrics (Author Unknown)

As the Saviour was walking up Calvary’s hill
All the birds hushed their singing
And the leaves stood still

All the flowers in the fields
Bowed their lovely heads
As the Saviour to Calvary was led

Tell me why, oh, tell me why
Did Jesus die on Calvary
Tell me why did he suffer such agony
For God so loved this old world
That he gave his only son
And that is why Jesus died for you and me

They put nails in his hands
And they pierced his precious side
Oh the pain was so great
That tears filled his eyes

Yet he spoke not a word
Until the last breath he drew
Then said “Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do”

Tell Me Why (Did Jesus Die) Video by aj willie

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Tell Me Why Did Jesus Die On Calvary
Tell Me Why (Did Jesus Die On Calvary)

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