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Phayao Province is one of the provinces in the northern region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by Chiang Rai, on the east by Nan, on the south by Phrae, and on the west by Lampang. The province was a small kingdom when it was subdued by the Lanna Kingdom in 1338. Later, it became a territory of Chiangrai. In 1977, it achieved its status as a separate province.

Phayao Province
Phayao Province (Credit: Permaculture)

Located 729 kilometers north of Bangkok, Phayao Province has a total land area of 6,335 kmĀ² (35th among the 77 provinces) and an estimated population of more than 484,000 (46th) in 2015. Topography consists of mountains in the south and wide valleys in the north, drained by the Ing River. Products made from water hyacinths and hand-made cotton clothes are promoted by the local government.

Phayao is subdivided into 9 districts. They are:
1. Mueang Phayao
2. Chun
3. Chiang Kham
4. Chiang Muan
5. Dok Khamtai
6. Pong
7. Mae Chai
8. Phu Sang
9. Phu Kamyao

Schools and Other Institutions:
1. University of Phayao
2. Phayao Technical College
3. Wittayalai Teknoloyi Phayao School
4. Phayao Pittayakhom School
5. Bunyasit Wittaya School
6. Mae Chai Wittayakhom School
7. Srinagarindra Princess Mother School
8. Thumpinwittayakhom School
9. Ban Mae Tam Bun Yong School
10. Ban Rai School
11 Ban Cham Kai School
12. Ban Dok Bua School

What to see and do in Phayao Province
1. Doi Phu Nang National Park
2. Kwan Phayao Lake
3. Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Memorial
4. Ho Watanatham Nithat (Museum)
5. Kwan Phayao Pavilion and the Phayao Fresh-water Fishery Station
6. Wat Si Umong Kham
7. Sacrificial Combined Force 2324 Monument Fair
8. Cassie Flower Blooming Day
9. Phu Sang National Park

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