Canadian Historical Events in April

Canadian Historical Events is a daily guide to the important events that shaped Canada to what it is today. It is a compilation of significant events for the month of April including the birth and death of famous Canadians as well as laws promulgated by authorities. The list is constantly updated to incorporate the most recent events.

Canada Historical Events in April

Day Year Event
1 1999 Nunavut was carved out of the Northwest Territory to become a separate territory of Canada.
6 1886 Vancouver in British Columbia was incorporated.
8 1862 The Apostolic Vicariate of Athabaska Mackenzie in northern Canada was erected.
12 1898 Death: Elzéar-Alexandre Taschereau, the first Canadian Roman Catholic prelate to become Cardinal
14 1787 Death: Benjamin Frobisher, one of the founders of Northwest Trading Company which controlled the fur trade in Canada during the 18th century.
14 2013 Justin Trudeau assumes leadership of the Liberal Party.
17 1982 The Canada Act of 1982 becomes effective, ending the power of the British Parliament to amend the Canadian Constitution.
22 1963 Lester B. Pearson assumes office as the 14th prime minister of Canada.
23 1897 Birth: Lester B. Pearson, the 14th prime minister of Canada
30 1623 Birth: François de Laval, first bishop of New France (Canada) and founder of the Séminaire de Québec which later expanded to become Université Laval.
30 1959 Birth: Stephen Harper, the 22nd prime minister of Canada.
30 1988 Canadian singer Celine Dion was proclaimed winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. The victory gained for her international recognition.

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