Uttaradit Province Thailand

Uttaradit Province is one of the provinces in the northern region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by provinces of Phrae and Nan, on the east by Laos, on the south by Phitsanulok, and on the west by Sukhothai.

Located 485 kilometers north of Bangkok, Uttaradit province has a total land area of 7,838.6 km2 and an estimated population of more than 460,000 in 2015. Topography is mountainous except for the wide valley in the west. The province is drained by the Nan River where the Queen Sirikit Dam was built. Fruit growing is a big industry especially the production of durian and langsat including its cousin longkong.

What to see and do
1. Queen Sirikit Dam
2. Lam Nam Nan National Park
3. Ton Sak Yai Park where the world’s largest teak tree is found
4. Bor Lek Namphee Folk Museum
5. Phraya Phichai Dab Hak Monument
6. Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang
7. Durian festival

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