June 9 2023 Gospel Reading and Reflection: Mark 12:35-37

6/9/2023 (Friday) Today’s gospel reading: Mark 12:35-37

35 As Jesus was teaching in the Temple, he asked the question, “How can the teachers of the Law say that the Messiah will be the descendant of David?
36 The Holy Spirit inspired David to say: ‘The Lord said to my Lord: Sit here on my right until I put your enemies under your feet.’
37 David himself called him ‘Lord’; so how can the Messiah be David’s descendant?” The large crowd listened to him with delight.

6/9/2023 (Friday) Today’s gospel reflection: Mark 12:35-37

The gospel reading above shows us Jesus trying to challenge the religious establishment regarding their beliefs on the coming of the Messiah. He is in fact telling them that they are wrong in their assumptions and consequently wrong in their rejection of Him.

Jesus quotes King David in Psalm 110:1. The Messiah is not just a descendant or son of King David. Otherwise the bible would present an absurdity where the son is greater that the father. King David expressly called the Messiah “my Lord” or Adonai. Therefore, the Messiah is much more than just the son of David and Jesus is presenting Himself as the Messiah whom they are waiting for.

In a way, the teachers of the law were silenced by the argument/s of Jesus yet they still did not accept Him as the Messiah. However, the last verse tells us that the large crowd who were listening and following Him were delighted. Until today, many people reject Jesus. We pray that His words and works may continue to delight us and make us glorify God who loves us all.

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