Sukhothai Profile and Tourist Spots

Sukhothai Province is one of the provinces in the central region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by Phrae, on the east by Uttaradit and Phitsanulok, on the south by Kamphaeng Phet, and on the west by Tak Province and Lampang. The province is considered as the center of the first Thai or Siamese Kingdom founded by King Phokhun Si Intharathit. During the reign of King Ram Khamhaeng, the kingdom enjoyed its golden age.

Located 427 kilometers north of Bangkok, Sukhothai Province has a total land area of 6,596.1 km2 and an estimated population of more than 602,000 in 2015. Topography is characterized by a wide valley drained by the Yom River. The northern part is dominated by the Khao Luang Mountain Range. Mountains are also found in the south. Rice farming is the main industry of the province.

What to see and do
1. Sukhothai Historical Park
2. Si Satchanalai Historical Park
3. Ramkhamhaeng National Park
4. Wat Maha That
5. Ramkhamhaeng National Museum
6. Sangkhalok Museum

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