Kamphaeng Phet Profile and Tourist Spots

Kamphaeng Phet Province is one of the provinces in the central region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by Sukhothai, on the east by Phitsanulok and Phichit, on the south by Nakhon Sawan, and on the west by Tak Province.

Located 360 kilometers north of Bangkok, Kamphaeng Phet Province has a total land area of 8,607.5 km2 an estimated population of more than 729,000 in 2015. Topography is mostly lowland drained by the Ping River, a major tributary of the Chao Praya River. On the western part, there are high mountains. Main Products are rice and banana of the sweet variety. The province holds an annual banana festival to thank the spirits for bountiful harvest.

What to see and do
1. Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park
2. Mae Wong National Park
3. Khlong Lan National Park
4. Bo Nam Phu Ron Phra Ruang (Hot Spring)
5. Khao Mokochu (Mountain Peak)
6. Wat Chang Rob

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