Phichit Profile: Tourist Spots, Districts

Phichit Province is one of the provinces of the central region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by Phitsanulok, on the east by Phetchabun, on the south by Nakhon Sawan, and on the west by Kamphaeng Phet.

Located 330 kilometers north of Bangkok, Pichit Province has a total land area of 4,531 kmĀ² and an estimated population of more than 547,000 in 2015. Topography is mostly lowlands drained by the Nan and Yom Rivers before they joined Chao Praya River. Main products are rice and lotus flowers.

One of the most famous people from this province is popular actor James Jirayu.

Pichit is subdivided into 12 districts namely:
1. Mueang Phichit
2. Wang Sai Phun
3. Pho Prathap Chang
4. Taphan Hin
5. Bang Mun Nak
6. Pho Thale
7. Sam Ngam
8. Tap Khlo
9. Sak Lek
10. Bueng Na Rang
11. Dong Charoen
12. Wachirabaram

What to see and do in Phichit Province:
1. Bueng Si Fai Lake
2. Wat Tha Luang
3. Wat Bang Khlan
4. Dong Charoen Grape Farm

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