Sa Kaeo Province: Profile, Tourist Spots

Sa Kaeo Province is one of the provinces in the eastern region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by Nakhon Ratchasima and Buriram, on the aset by Cambodia, on the south by Chanthaburi, on the west by Chachoengsao and Prachin Buri.

Located 197 kilometers from Bangkok, Sa Kaeo Province has a total land area of 7,195 km2 and an estimated population of more than 552,000. Topography is mostly flatlands except for the mountainous and hilly part in the north. Farming is the major source of income but tourism is fast gaining importance.

What to see and do
1. Pang Sida National Park
2. Ta Phraya National Park
3. Sdok Kok Thom – 1th-century Khmer temple
4. Star Vegas Casino
5. Prasat Khao Noi – history and archaeological site
6. Phet Pho Thong Cave
7. Wat Tham Khao Chakan

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