The Life of Vidal Sassoon

One of the most famous hairstylists and hair care entrepreneurs was born in London, United Kingdom on January 17 in the year 1928. His name was Vidal Sassoon, the founder of a chain of salons named after him.

Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon (Credit: wiki commons)

Vidal was three years old when his father left their home for another woman. His mother put him and his younger brother in a Jewish orphanage until he was 11 years old. With the help of his mother who had a premonition about his future, he went to apprentice in a local barber shop who hesitantly accepted him because of his good manners although he was very poor.

In 1954 at the age 26, Vidal opened his first salon in trendy Bond Street, London with his singer-friend Georgia Brown reportedly becoming the first customer. At the beginning, he aimed to revolutionize the way women’s hair is cut and cared for. During those years, women spent a lot of time at home and a weekly visit to the salon just to style their hair. Vidal changed that habit forever by the magic of ‘wash and wear’ short hair but lacquer-free and suited to the facial structure of the person.

After Vidal made the hair cut for fashion designer Mary Quant and actress Nancy kwan, Vidal gained the attention of international media and his salon attracted more celebrity clients such as Mia Farrows. He established branches in New York City followed by another one in Beverly Hills, California. In the 1970s, he started distributing hair care products under his name and in 1975, he published a bestselling book entitled “A Year of Beauty and Health”.

By 1982, sales of his products reached more than $100 million while his salons expanded to different parts of the world. He also put up several training schools for would be hairdressers. Subsequently, Vidal sold his hair care product business to Procter and Gamble and one by one, he disposed of his salons.

In 2012, Vidal died of natural cause in Los Angeles, California. He married four times and had four children.


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