Buenavista Marinduque History, Tourist Spots, Festivals

Buenavista is a 4th class coastal municipality of Marinduque Province in Region IV-B or MiMaRoPa Region, Philippines.

Buenavista (Marinduque) Municipal Hall
Buenavista (Marinduque) Municipal Hall (Credit: wiki commons)

Profile of Buenavista Municipality (Geography)
Location –> Southwestern part of Marinduque Island (See map below)
Neighboring Towns –> Gasan (northwest), Boac (north), Torrijos (east)
Area –> 81.25 km2 (31.37 sq mi)
Population –> 23,988 (2015 Census)
Terrain –> Mountainous with narrow coastal plain
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading, Tourism
Major Products –> Rice, Vegetables, Poultry, Handicraft, Home-made Food Items
People/Language –> Tagalog, English
Barangays –> 15
Revenue (2016) –> 70,234,225.63
Legislative District –> Lone
Government Officials
Congressman –> Lord Allan Jay Velasco
Mayor –> Nancy Madrigal
Vice Mayor –> Hannilee R. Siena

History of Buenavista

Buenavista was formerly called Sabang. A certain rich man named Don Cornelio Sadiua settled in the place and popularized the name “Buenavista” which means good view.

On November 9, 1918, the municipality of Buenavista was formally organized.

Economy of Buenavista

Buenavista is an agricultural town where rice, fish, coconut, corn and root crops are the main products.

Tourist Spots in Buenavista

Mt. Malindig
Kawilihan Park
Buenavista Seaview Park
Bellaroca Island Resort
Holy Child Jesus Parish Church

Festivals in Buenavista

Map of Buenavista Municipality in Marinduque

See also: Profile of Mayor Nancy Madrigal, Governor Presbitero Velasco Jr.


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