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Marinduque is an island province in the MiMaRoPa Region of the Philippines.

Marinduque History
Marinduque Provincial Capitol (Credit: Facebook Page)

Profile of Marinduque Province (Geography)
Location –> MiMaRoPa Region, Philippines (See map below)
Capital –> Boac
Area –> 952.58 km2 (367.79 sq mi)
Population –> 234,521 (2015 census)
Terrain –> Mountainous with narrow coastal plain
Industries –> Agriculture
Major Products –> Rice, fish, coconut, root crops
People/Language –> Tagalog

Cities –> None
Municipalities (Towns) –> (6) Boac, Buenavista, Gasan, Mogpog, Santa Cruz, Torrijos

Provincial Officials
Governor –> Presbitero Velasco Jr.
Predecessor –> Romulo Bacorro
Vice Governor –> Romulo Bacorro
Predecessor –> Mark Anthony Seño
Representative (Lone District) –> Lord Allan Jay Quinto Velasco

Marinduque History

Marinduque was formerly a sub-province of then province of Tayabas. On February 21, 1920, it acquired its status as a regular province by virtue of Act No. 2280. Ricardo Nepomuceno was the province’s first representative to the Philippine Assembly.

On July 11, 2013, the newly elected Congresswoman Regina Ongsiako Reyes was ordered removed by the Commission on Election for having a dual citizenship – both American and Filipino. Still, she was recognized by the Philippine Congress as the duly elected representative of the province until February of 2016 when the current congressman took his oath.

Former Governors of Marinduque
Romulo Bacorro
Carmencita Reyes
Jose Antonio Carrion

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Economy of Marinduque

Most of the people in Marinduque are engaged in either farming or fishing. Rice, fish, corn, coconut, banana, and mango are the primary products. Cottage industries include rice milling, furniture and automotive shops, and handicraft making. Tourism is still being developed although visitors from other provinces flock to the Marinduque during the lenten season for the celebration of Moriones Festival.

The Moriones Festival is a major tourist attraction in Marinduque.
(Credit: Facebook Page)

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