Famous People from Marinduque Province

Here is a list of famous people from the province of Marinduque in MiMaRoPa Region or Region 4B. They are enumerated by town.

Armi D. Carrion – Mayor
Sonny L. Paglinawan – Vice Mayor
Ricardo M. Paras, Jr. – 8th Chief Justice
Zaijian Jaranilla – Actor and Model

Nancy C. Madrigal – Mayor
Hannilee R. Siena – Vice Mayor

Victoria L. Lim – Mayor
Yudel A. Sosa – Vice Mayor

Augusto Leo M. Livelo – Mayor
Jonathan Felipe M. Garcia – Vice Mayor
Ricardo Tito Jamin Vidal – Cardinal, Former Archbishop of Cebu

Santa Cruz
Antonio L. Uy Jr. – Mayor
Geraldine M. Del Rosario – Vice Mayor

Lorna Q. Velasco – Mayor
Ricardo R. de Galicia – Vice Mayor

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