Clara Lim-Sylianco Biography, Contribution

Clara Lim-Sylianco is a Filipino scientist who is an expert in mutagens and anti-mutagens.

Personal Information
Full Name : Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco
Birth Date : August 18, 1925
Birthplace : Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

College : Silliman University (1949)
Course : Pre-Medicine/Chemistry
Master : Chemistry, University of the Philippines (1953)
Doctorate : Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry, University of Iowa (1957)

Career Highlights
1989 – Member, International Advisory Committee on Anti-mutagens

Contribution to Science
* Conducted researched on mutagens, anti-mutagens, and bio-organic mechanisms of Carcinogenic chemicals

Book(s) Published
1. Principles of Chemistry
2. Molecular Biochemistry
3. Modern Biochemistry
4. Bioorganic and Bioinorganic Mechanisms
5. Molecular Nutrition

* Dr. Clara Lim-Sylianco published more than 50 scientific articles in various journals and magazines.

1994 – National Scientist of the Philippines
1979 – Gregorio Zara Award

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