May 13 is the Luckiest Day for

Some people are afraid of the number 13 but for, the 13th day of May was the luckiest day so far!

Just look at the screen shot below. The number of visitors shot up to over 17,000 in one single day. The number of page views was over 27,000.

May 13 as Lucky Day
May 13 as Lucky Day

This figure is far from the trend a week before which averaged 3,000 visitors and 6,000 page views. The accumulated page views is now over 240,000. I was expecting only 150,000 by May 15.

You might be wondering why I am posting my statistics. Here are my reasons:
1. It is my source of joy and encouragement that more and more people are taking notice of what I am posting.
2. I need to keep track of my own progress as a blogger.
3. Numbers are very important for advertisers. Since I am accepting sponsors and I do allow google to place ads on this site, statistics mean a lot to me.
4. I noticed a lot of blogs have been discontinued. Although I am not privy as to their reasons for stopping, I have the faintest idea that one reason is lack of motivation. If only they see increasing numbers, maybe they could be happy to go on posting.

So there, I just want to share my joy because an important part of the “statistics” is you, fellow bloggers who keep on visiting my site. From the bottom of my heart, once more, I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


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