Inspiring Words for Today, May 16

Affirmation For Today

Today, I rejoice at the wonders all around me: the beauty of nature, the smile of children, lessons learned, and even the new technologies coming up. I always look for something to thank for and opportunities to show kindness and to express love.

Today, I choose to be positive no matter what.

Inspiring Words for Today May 16
Inspiring Words for Today May 16

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    • That’s true. So let’s choose to be happy. Thank you for your time to visit and comment. Have a nice day.

  1. Good word; thank you for sharing it. Yes, I chose to be happy and not sad, thankful and not ungrateful, cheerful and not sour. I believe those attitudes come from the Lord when everything around you looks like you shouldn’t be or couldn’t be; but He gives me strength!

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