Nong Khai Profile and Tourist Spots

Nong Khai Province is one of the provinces in the northeast region of Thailand called Isan. It is the gateway of Thailand to Laos. The province is bounded on the north by the Mekong River that separates Thailand from Laos. On the east lies the province of Bueng Kan and Sakon Nakhon. On the south is Udon Thani and on the west is Loei. In 1994, the connecting bridge called Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge was openned with the financial help of Australia.

Nong Khai Province

Located 626 km north of Bangkok, Nong Khai Province has a land area of 3,027 km2 and a population of more than 517,000 in 2015. Topography is mountainous on the southern part and flat on the nothern part.

What to see and do:
1. Prab Hor Monument – built to honor those who died against Chinese rebellion
2. Luang Pho Pra Sai – a sacred Buddha image
3. Sala Keoku Park with giant Buddha images
4. Thai-Lao Rowing Festival
5. Rocket Festival held every month of May

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