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Juan Carlos Galano is a Filipino actor and model. Jump to movie list.

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Juan Carlos Galano
Juan Carlos Galano (Credit: FB Page)

Personal Information
Real Name –> Juan Carlos Galano
Screen Name –> Juan Carlos also known as JC Galano
Birth Date –> September 24, 1997 (Age 25)
Hometown –> Philippines
Height –> 5’9”
College –> University of Santo Tomas
Degree –> Occupational Therapy

Love Life
No information

Showbiz Career
Juan Carlos Galano started as a commercial model for a soft drinks and a fast food company. His modeling career reached the rooftop when he was hired to model for Bench fashion and personal care products. As an actor, one of his first projects was playing the role of Morgan in Daddy’s Gurl, a sitcom series broadcast by GMA Network.

Juan Carlos Galano appeared as one of the guests during the mall shows of Miss Grand Philippines 2022.

In 2023, Juan Carlos Galano made his debut in theatre as one the performers doing the role of Dodong in the musical Zsazsa Zaturnnah.

Television Programs / Web Series
2022 – Regal Studio Presents: Mother of the Groom
2022 – Daddy’s Gurl: Newbie (Credited as JC Galano)

Movie List
TBA – Cheat Day
2021 – Nelia

2023 – Zsazsa Zaturnnah

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Brief moment of Juan Carlos Galano
Brief moment of Juan Carlos Galano (Credit: FB Page)

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