Alamada Election 2022 Candidates

Here is the partial and unofficial list of candidates for the 2022 local election in the municipality of Alamada, Cotabato Province. This is a developing story.

Candidates for Mayor:
Jesus Sacdalan (PDP-Laban) – incumbent mayor
Albert Bacay (PFP)
Roy Dava (Independent)
Lito Maghanoy (Independent)

Candidates for Vice Mayor:
Leonigildo A. Calibara Jr. (PDP-Laban) – incumbent vice mayor
Samuel “Bendol” Alim (Independent)
Almer Cabantug (Independent)

Candidates for Councilors :
1. Abantes, Edwin (Independent)
2. Abi, Kumpa (PDP-Laban)
3. Buenafe, Nonoy (PDP-Laban)
4. Bulagao, Kuya Weng Canag (Independent)
5. Concepcion, Jonjon (PDP-Laban)
6. Demetillo, Tessie (PDP-Laban)
7. Diesto, Nelson (Independent)
8. Dimanda, Bayudan (Independent)
9. Diola, Jun (PDP-Laban)
10. Dulos, Gil (Independent)
11. Fortunado, Toto (PDP-Laban)
12. Guleng, Freddie (Independent)
13. Lataza, Jun (PDP-Laban)
14. Magbanua, Jude (Independent)
15. Paciente, Nonoy (NPC)
16. Pamli-ian, Sanny Butig (Independent)
17. Pelandoc, Saske (Independent)
18. Polayagan, Orac (Independent)
19. Sacdalan, Pogs (PDP-Laban)
20. SeƱerez, Bon-bon (Independent)

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