Laoag City Election 2022 Candidates

Here is the partial and unofficial list of candidates in Laoag City in Ilocos Norte Province. (This is a developing story.)

Candidates for Mayor:
Michael Marcos Keon (Independent) – incumbent mayor
Vicentito Lazo (NP) – incumbent vice mayor
Chevylle Fariñas (PDP-Laban) – Former Mayor

Candidates for Vice Mayor:
Rey Carlos Fariñas (PDP-Laban)
Ameurfina Respicio (NP)

Candidates for Councilor:
Roque Benjamin Ablan (Lakas-CMD)
James Bryan Alcid (NP)
Enrico Ang (NP)
Enrico Aurelio (Independent)
Jaybee Baquiran (NP)
Jessie James Bonoan (Independent)
Edison Bongbong Bonoan Jr. (NP)
Edison Chua (Independent)
Johanson “Hanson” Chua (Independent)
Justine Clarence Chua (Independent)
Constante “Jon-Jon” Dancel Jr. (NP)
Jeff Ericson Fariñas (PDP-Laban)
John Michael Fariñas (PDP-Laban)
Roger John II “RJ” Fariñas (PDP-Laban)
Derick Lao (PDP-Laban)
Handy Lao (NP)
Paul Anthony Luz (PDP-Laban)
Paul Mark Luz (PDP-Laban)
Josephus Nerez (NP)
Jason Bader Perera (PDP-Laban)
Marlo Matias Reg (PDP-Laban)
Juan Conrado Respicio II (NP)
Elmar Siazon (NP)
Sonia Siazon (PDP-Laban)
Syrome Vincent Tan (PDP-Laban)

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