Sonny Lagon Biography

Sonny Lagon is a Filipino engineer and politician. He is currently serving as a congressman who won as first nominee of Ako Bisaya Partylist.

Sonny Lagon took his oath of office before Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia. During his oath taking ceremony, he promised loyalty to the Garcia Family of Cebu whom he credited as responsible for his successful campaign.

Sonny Lagon is a self-made millionaire who made a name for himself in the telecommunications and cockfighting industries especially in breeding gamefowl.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Sonny Lagon
Birth Date –> February 2, 1969 (Age )
Birth Place –> Mambusao, Capiz, Philippines
Hometown –> Tuburan, Cebu

Mother –> Babie Lagon
Wife – Daphne Arias Lagon
Children – 5 sons and 2 daughters including Twin Sons Cordoba Councilor Dason Larenz A. Lagon and Tuburan Councilor Dason Lorenz A. Lagon

College – University of San Agustin in Iloilo
Degree – Electronic and Communications Engineering
* Sonny Lagon was a former student at the Philippine Military Academy but did not graduate.

Political Career / Work Experiences
2019-Present – Congressman
* Gamefowl breeder at his Blue Blade Farm in San Pablo City, Laguna Province
* Own a business as a telecommunications supplier and contractor

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