Mercedes Concepcion Biography, Contribution to science

Mercedes Concepcion is a Filipino scientist who is considered the “Mother of Asian Demography”.

Personal Information
Full Name – Mercedes B. Concepcion
Birth Date : June 10, 1928
Age : 91
Birthplace : Philippines

College : University of the Philippines
Degree : Chemistry
Doctorate : Demography, University of Chicago

Career Highlights
* 1970-1985 – Chairman, University of the Philippines Population Institute (UPPI) which he helped establish in 1964
* Chairman, Social Sciences Division of the National Academy of Science and Technology which he also help establish in 1987
* 1981-1985 – President, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population from 1981 to 1985
* Consultant, UN Population Fund, UN Development Fund, UN Statistical Office, and World Health Organization

Contribution to Social Science
* Extensive research on population such trends and its implication on social development and economic growth
* Research on urbanization, family planning, the elderly and aging

2010 – National Scientist of the Philippines

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