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Joaquin Domagoso is a Filipino actor, singer and model. Jump to movie list.

Latest Update
February 22, 2023 – In a ceremony inside Malacanang Palace, Joaquin Domagoso conferred the Ani Ng Dangal award by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) for bringing pride to the country after he won Best Youth Actor given by the New York Independent Cinema Awards.

Joaquin Domagoso
Joaquin Domagoso (Credit: FB Page)

February 3, 2023 – The New York Independent Cinema Awards gives the Best Youth Actor award to Joaquin Domagoso for his role in That Boy in the Dark.

Joaquin Domagoso
Joaquin Domagoso (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Personal Information
Real Name –> Joaquin Andre Ditan Domagoso
Nickname –> JD
Birthdate –> October 24, 2001 (21)
Birthplace –> Manila, Philippines
Height –> 5’10”
School –> Southville International School and Foreign University
Course –> Grade 12
* At Southville International School, Joaquin won the title Mr. Teen SGEN 2018.

Father –> Actor and former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno
Mother –> Diana Lynn Ditan
Brothers –> Vincent Patrick, Franco Dylan, Drake Marcus
Sister –> Frances Diane

Love Life
Joaquin Domagoso is in a relationship with actress Raffa Castro with whom he has a son named Scott Angelo Domagoso (born: April 28, 2022).

Showbiz Career
Daddie Wowie Roxas took a lot of persuasion before Isko Moreno gave his go-signal for his son to try show business. There’s just one condition: that Joaquin will never neglect his studies. Incidentally, Daddie Wowie was Isko’s former manager when Isko was still a novice in the entertainment industry.

Learn more about Joaquin Domagoso by watching the video clip below.

Television Programs
2022 – Magpakailanman: Huwag Kang Susuko (The Leny Garcia Story)
2022 – First Lady
2021 – Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko: Scarecation
2021 – FLEX
2021 – First Yaya
2021 – Magpakailanman: Babala at Pangitain (The Rudy Baldwin Story)
2020 – All Out Sunday (AOS)
2019 – Studio 7
2019 – Maynila: My Unwanted Son
2019 – Ipaglaban Mo: Pariwara

Movie List
2023 – Ako Si Ninoy
2023 – That Boy In The Dark
2021 – Huwag Kang Lalabas: Bahay episode
2021 – Caught In The Act
2019 – Jolly Spirit Squad


2023 – Ani Ng Dangal for winning international award by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
2023 – Best Youth Actor for That Boy in the Dark by the New York Independent Cinema Awards
2022 – Best Actor for That Boy in the Dark by the 16th Toronto Film and Script Awards
2021 – Most Impressive Teen Actor by 4th Asia Pacific Luminare Awards

Song List
2021 – Huwag Kang Lalabas
2021 – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy featuring Juliana Rae Ibay

Joaquin Domagoso is now one of the endorsers of local clothing chain Bench.

Joaquin is in partnership with Mrs. Universe Philippines Foundation to do feeding and medical medical mission for the poor.

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Joaquin Domagoso
Joaquin Domagoso (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Joaquin Domagoso
Joaquin Domagoso (Photo Credit: Youtube Screen shot)

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