But If You Leave Me Lyrics, Video by Gino Padilla

But If You Leave Me Lyrics

One more sleepness night
Still can’t get things right
I don’t think you see
How hard this is for me
Knowing you’re leaving

Can’t we talk things through
The way we used to do
Remember how we plan
To always understand
Trying to find you, trying
To find the way
To start a life anew

’cause if you leave me
There’s no tomorrow
Only yesterday and time to think
’cause if you leave me
There’s no more laughter
Only sadness days
And always will

All the time I know
You’re just about to go
I can’t let you make
This one last final break
Tryin’ to tell you, tryin’
To tell myself
Would still might find a way

Refrain 2x

Artist: Gino Padilla

But If You Leave Me Music Video by Gino Padilla

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