Rain Lyrics, Video by Rose Fontanes

Rain Lyrics

Rain gently falls whenever we say goodnight
Falling like when you’re out of sight
Rain follows me even in my bed
And rain is the tears that I shed

There’ll be no sunshine in my life
Untill you say your mine oh mine
There’ll be no summer, spring or fall
Each day is like winter time
But I can never say I care
I know it won’t be smart
Somebody owns your heart
It can never be mine

So it rains when you’re near
Knowing we can’t even touch
Rain knows that I love you so much
But I know that my love
Will only cause you pain
So I’d rather live with the rain

Songwriters: George Canseco
Rain lyrics © EMI Christian Music Publis OBO Meadowgreen Music Co.

Rain Music Video Rose Fontanes Version

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Rain Lyrics, Video by Rose Fontanes
Rain Lyrics and Video by Rose Fontanes

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