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Satun Province is one of the provinces in the southern region of Thailand. It is bounded on the north by Trang, on the east by Songkhla, on the south by Malaysia, and on the west by the Andaman Sea. Satun became a province in 1933. Previously, it was administered under Phuket local government (Monthon). It became a territory of Thailand as provided in the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909. Although majority of the population are Muslims (around 68%), the province is relatively peaceful with no history of violence.

Located 984 kilometers south of Bangkok, Satun has an area of 2,479 km2 and an estimated population of more than 312,000 in 2015. Topography consists of coastal plains and mountains in the east. Several islands belong to the province, among which are Koh Tarutao and Koh Phetra.

Satun Province is subdivided into 7 districts, namely:
1. Mueang Satun
2. Khuan Don
3. Khuan Kalong
4. Tha Phae
5. La-ngu
6. Thung Wa
7. Manang

Schools and Other Institutions
1. Songkla Rajabhat University (Satun Campus)
2. Princess Chulabhorn’s College Satun
3. Satun Technical College
4. Satun Community College
5. Satun College of Agriculture and Technology
6. Satun Wittaya School
7. La-ngu Pittayakhom School
8. Chariyatham Itsalam School
9. Isalam Sueksa Da Run Bin School
10. Tham Sat Wittaya School
11. Phuri Phon Chai Sueksa School
12. Phatthana kansueksa Munnithi School
13. Phiman Phitthaya San School
14. Piya Nu Son Sueksa School
15. An So Ria At Di School
16. Mam Ba Un U Lum School
17. Khuan Don Wittaya School
18. Arun Sat Witthaya Munnithi School
19. Thapae Padungwit School
20. Ban Khuan School
21. Anuban Satun School

What to see and do in Satun Province
1. Koh Tarutao National Park
2. Koh Phetra National Park
3. Thale Ban National Park
4. Koh Bulon Le
5. Koh Lipe
6. Pattaya Beach
7. Satun Geopark
8. Thungwa Ancient Elephant Museum

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