Ang Thong Province Profile, History, Location, Map, Schools

Ang Thong province is located in the Central Region of Thailand. Its name means “gold basin” because of the golden color of its ricefields and its basin-like topography. The surrounding provinces are Sing Buri (north), Lopburi (east), Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (south) and Suphan Buri (west).

Ang Thong has a total land area of 968.4 km2 and an estimated population of more than 280,000 in 2015. Topography consists mostly of low-lying agricultural lands with no mountains and no forests. Rice farming is the main industry in the province. The local government has promoted a traditional drum making industry for tourism purposes. In recent times, sunflower and marigold flower growing has also been turned into tourist attractions.

Ang Thong Province is subdivided into districts. They are:
1.Mueang Ang Thong
2. Chaiyo
3. Pa Mok
4. Pho Thong
5. Sawaeng Ha
6. Wiset Chai Chan
7. Samko

Schools and Other Institutions
1. Ang Thong Technical College
2. Ang Thong College of Dramatic Arts
3. Satri Ang Thong School
4. Ang Thong Patthamarot Wittayakhom School
5. Anuban Wat Ang Thong School
6. Prasitthi Witthaya School
7. Ang Thong Sports School
8. Wat Wong Pas School
9. Wat Pho Tool School
10. Wiset Chai Chan Wittayakhom School
11. Ang Thong Hospital

What to see and do in Ang Thong Province:
1. Wat Muang
2. Kham Yat Palace
3. Wat Chantharangsee

Ang Thong Province
Ang Thong Province (Photo credit to Tourism Thailand)

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