Natividad Pangasinan Councilors, Mayor, Vice Mayor

Natividad is a municipality of Pangasinan, a province in the Ilocos Region or Region I, Philippines.

Here are the officials who will serve the municipality from 2022 to 2025: (You can click on the official to see his or her profile.)

MayorRosita “Ruby” Rafael
Vice Mayor – Rodrigo “Cocoy” L. Rafael
Municipal Councilors or Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Members
Ma. Luisa M. Supnet
Carlota G. Supnet
Betha Fe R. De Guzman
Manuelito M. Noveda
Frederick N. Zaragoza
Pablo G. Malla
Tirso C. Danipog
Edgar A. Acosta

Congressman (6th Legislative District of Pangasinan) – Marlyn “Len” Primicias-Agabas

Here are the officials who served the municipality from 2019 to 2022:
MayorRosita “Ruby” Rafael
Vice Mayor – Jefferson Keith C. De Guzman
Municipal Councilors or Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Members

Congressman (6th Legislative District of Pangasinan Province) – Tyrone Agabas
Predecessor –> Marlyn L. Primicias-Agabas

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