Artificial Intelligence is Linked to the Crypto Market

A few years ago, artificial intelligence caused a stir and surprise in the technological environment. Still, recently, with the appearance of the Metaverse, it has once again entered among the most popular topics, and its inclusion in Web 3.0 will significantly impact the cryptocurrency market. You can get more details at the bitcoin loophole.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence ( AI )
AI is one more element of technology that can be discarded and continues on the path; this tool is here to stay, and large companies such as Microsoft confirm it after the support it gives when used in various projects of said corporate.

Possibly for many, it is one of the most ambitious alliances in the financial and technological sector. Still, if we know anything, the possibilities both technologies offer to organizations, and individual users should be narrower.

For their part, cryptocurrencies represent a financial element that allows projecting digital investments in AI-based projects that, in turn, could capitalize both projects at unimaginable levels.

How are AI and cryptocurrencies different?
The proposal for an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency is a new digital currency that is positioning itself among users of the crypto market, which, in addition to having the characteristics of crypto projects, distinguishes them from others in their usefulness.

This refers specifically to the platform based on artificial intelligence through which its users can use and create applications that allow the development of better investment strategies, taking advantage of advanced logarithms, where the automation of trading operations is the main objective.

This type of digital currency is considered more secure since its possibility of being violated by hacker attacks is fewer, thanks to Blockchain technology.

On the other hand, another attribute and characteristic that differentiates these cryptocurrencies from traditional ones are that they can be bought, sold, and exchanged decentralized without using exchange platforms or third parties to carry out said transactions.

Digital currencies based on AI have a reward system for their users that is entirely different from that of Bitcoin mining, for example, where they benefit from joining and contributing to the growth of the network. Therefore, these digital assets could be attractive to all those investors looking for an alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies.

AI cryptocurrencies that are available in the market

Currently, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, which shows that everything that is linked to digital platforms, technology, and advances at the digital financial level are the ones that represent the most profitable option for both novices and professionals.

In response to these advances, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could be included. That is why the IA cryptocurrency proposal arises, where its main attraction is security and the reduction of execution times for each transaction.

In the specific case of these digital assets, each one has clear advantages and characteristics. It is up to the investors and users to carry out the previous investigations and analyses to identify themselves with a specific project according to their investor profile.

● Ocean Protocol ( OCEAN ): It is an open protocol crypto project where users can not only exchange and convert the data that is processed there into money, but they are guaranteed that they are secure and transparent transactions.
● SingularityNET ( AGIX ): based on innovative contract technology, this crypto AI project offers the creation of services based on artificial intelligence, where said content takes advantage of Ethereum technology and offers its users the possibility of accessing a large number of benefits that in turn, they are monetized where the potential of machine learning is fully exploited.
● ( FET ): In this cryptocurrency’s specific case, human participation is minimal, encouraging the use of artificial intelligence to develop and grow the digital financial market and the economy it drives.
● Numeraire ( NMR ) is the token of the Numerai Software platform. In addition to being created under the blockchain, it operates as an Exchange where it manages a portfolio of hedge funds. It is used mainly as a reward to traders who make projections of movements, and these are executed correctly.

This technology has demonstrated its great potential in solving complex situations that, with its advanced technology, has made it a beneficial tool not only in manufacturing processes but also in decision-making, in which the decision-making and use of data can be much more effective.

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