Cebu City Election 2022 Candidates

Here is the partial and unofficial list of candidates in Cebu City. This is a developing story.

Candidates for Mayor:
Michael Rama (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent mayor and former vice mayor
Edgar Viola Concha Jr. (Independent) – call center agent
Jose Layon (Reporma)
Juanito Luna (Independent)
Margarita “Margot” Floreindo Osmeña (BOPK/LDP) – former city councilor
Crisologo Saavedra Jr. (Independent) – businessman
David Tumulak (Independent) – incumbent city councilor

Candidates for Vice Mayor:
Francisco “Bimbo” Fernandez (Liberal Party) – former undersecretary of interior and local government and former city administrator
Raymond Alvin Garcia (KUSUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent city councilor
Franklyn Ong (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent city councilor and president of Liga ng mga Barangay – Cebu City Chapter

Candidates for Congressman (First District):
Rachel del Mar (BOPK / LDP) – former congresswoman
Avenescio Piramide (Lakas)
Prisca Niña Mabatid (BARUG / PDP-Laban) – incumbent city councilor
Manuel Momongan (Independent)
Richard Yap (NUP) – actor; This is his second time to run for congressman. In 2019, he ran for the same post but lost to Raul Del Mar who passed away in November of 2020.

Candidates for Congressman (Second District):
BG Rodrigo Abellanosa – son of incumbent congressman Rodrigo Abellanosa
Eduardo “Edu” Rama Jr. (PDP-Laban) – incumbent city councilor

Candidates for Councilor (First or North District):
Sisinio Andales (BOPK/LDP) – former city councilor
Nestor Archival (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent city councilor
Alvin Arcilla (BOPK/LDP) – former city councilor
Pastor Alcover Jr. (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – former city councilor, lost re-election in 2019
Gian Aznar (PROMDI) – former seafarer and teacher
Arturo Barrit (BOPK/LDP) – spokesperson of Associated Labor Union-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP)
Maria Buanghug (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – vendors group leader
Mary Ann de los Santos (BOPK/LDP) – former city councilor
Alvin Dizon (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent city councilor
Roland Empleo (Katipunan ng Kamalayang Kayumanggi)
Joel Garganera (Independent) – incumbent city councilor
Jerry Guardo (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent city councilor
Edwin Jagmoc (Independent) – former city councilor
Lea Ouano-Japson (PROMDI/LDP) – incumbent city councilor
Emmanuel Labella (Independent) – brother of mayor Edgardo Labella
Edgardo Labella II (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – son of mayor Edgardo Labella, lost election in 2016
Reynald Lauron (PANAGHIUSA/Aksyon Demokratiko) – incumbent Cambinocot barangay captain
Melvin Legaspi (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – lawyer
Peter Mancao (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – deputy task force leader of the city’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout
Winston Pepito (Reporma) – incumbent Bacayan barangay councilor
Noel Eleuterio Wenceslao (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – former city councilor, lost re-election in 2016
Joy Augustus Young (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent city councilor and former vice mayor

Candidates for Councilor (Second or South District):
Josephine Abella-Maglasang (BOPK/LDP) – sister of the late Atty. Amay Abella
Raul Alcoseba (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent city councilor
Gremar Barete (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent Buhisan barangay captain
Roberto Cabarrubias (BOPK/LDP) – former city councilor
Alejandro Cabido (Independent)
Janet Calleno (Independent)
Raymundo Crystal (PANAGHIUSA)
James Anthony Cuenco (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent city councilor
Alan Dinampo (Katipunan ng Kamalayang Kayumanggi)
Harry Eran (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent Cogon Pardo barangay captain
Pancrasio Esparis (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent Quiot barangay captain
Rey Gealon (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent city legal officer
Donaldo Hontiveros (Independent) – incumbent city councilor
Cornelio Jaca (BOPK/LDP) – retired Municipal Trial Courts in Cities judge
Omar Kintanar (BOPK/LDP) – incumbent Cogon Pardo barangay councilor
Ana Gabriela Beatriz Osmeña (BOPK/LDP) – daughter-in-law of former mayor Tomas Osmeña
Renato Osmeña Jr. (BARUG/PDP–Laban) – incumbent city councilor
Samuel Panilagao (Independent)
Jocelyn Pesquera (BARUG/PDP-Laban) – former city councilor
Simeon Romarate (PANAGHIUSA) – incumbent Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor (DWUP) head
Phillip Zafra (Independent) – incumbent city councilor

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