Emmanuel Pelaez Biography, Contribution, Descendants

Emmanuel Pelaez was a Filipino lawyer and politician. He served as the 6th vice president of the Republic of the Philippines.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Emmanuel Neri Pelaez
Birth Date –> November 30, 1915
Death –> July 27, 2003 in Muntinlupa (aged 87)
Hometown –> Medina, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Wife –> Edith Fabella
Children –> (9) Emmanuel Jr., Ernesto, Elena, Esperanza, Eloisa, Eduardo, Enrique, Edmundo and Elvira
Father –> Gregorio Pelaez, Sr.
Mother –> Felipa Neri

College –> University of Manila
Degree –> Law

Political Career / Work Experiences
1986–1992 – Ambassador to the United States
1978-1984 – Member of National Assembly (Batasang Pambansa)
1961-1965 – Vice President of the Philippines
1961–1963 – Secretary of Foreign Affairs
1953-1959, 1967-1972 – Senator
1949-1953, 1965-1969 – Congressman of Misamis Oriental

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