Arturo Tolentino Biography, Contribution, Descendants

Arturo Tolentino was a Filipino lawyer, author, and politician. He was proclaimed as vice president-elect of the Republic of the Philippines in 1986 but the proclamation was disregarded by the administration of Corazon Aquino.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Arturo Modesto Tolentino
Nickname –> Ka Turing
Birth Date –> September 19, 1910
Death –> August 2, 2004 in Quezon City (aged 93)
Hometown –> Tondo, Manila, Philippines

1st Wife –> Consuelo David
2nd Wife –> Pilar Adorable
3rd Wife –> Constancia Conde
Children –> (7)

College –> University of the Philippines
Degree –> Law
* Topped the Bar Examination in

Political Career / Work Experiences
1986 – Vice President
1984-1986 – Member, National Assembly (Batasang Pambansa)
1984–1985 – Minister of Foreign Affairs
1966-1967 – Senate President
1957-1972, 1992-1995 – Senator
1949-1957 – Congressman of Manila

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