Arturo Tolentino Biography, Contribution, Descendants

Arturo Tolentino was a Filipino lawyer, author, and politician. He was proclaimed as vice president-elect of the Republic of the Philippines in 1986 but the proclamation was disregarded by the administration of Corazon Aquino.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Arturo Modesto Tolentino
Nickname –> Ka Turing
Birth Date –> September 19, 1910
Death –> August 2, 2004 in Quezon City (aged 93)
Hometown –> Tondo, Manila, Philippines

1st Wife –> Consuelo David
2nd Wife –> Pilar Adorable
3rd Wife –> Constancia Conde
Children –> (7)

College –> University of the Philippines
Degree –> Law
* Topped the Bar Examination in 1934 (?)

Political Career / Work Experiences
1986 – Vice President (as proclaimed by National Assembly (Batasang Pambansa) but disregarded due to the February People Power Revolution that installed Corazon Aquino as president and Salvador Laurel as vice president)
1984-1986 – Member, National Assembly (Batasang Pambansa)
1984–1985 – Minister of Foreign Affairs
1966-1967 – Senate President
1957-1972, 1992-1995 – Senator
1949-1957 – Congressman of Manila

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