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Seb Pajarillo is a Filipino actor, singer, recording artist, football player and model. Jump to movie list.

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Seb Pajarillo
Seb Pajarillo

Personal Information
Real Name: Sebastian Pajarillo
Screen Name –> Seb Pajarillo
Birth Date –> April 23, 2002 (Age 18)
Hometown –> Philippines
Height –> 5’10”ft or 177 cm
School –> N/A

No information

Love Life
No known girlfriend as of posting.

Showbiz Career
Sebastian Pajarillo signed a contract as a talent of GMA television network in 2021.

Television Programs / Web Series
2023 – Daig kayo ng lola ko: Sana all (May love life)
2022 – Pepito Manaloto: Tuloy Ang Kuwento: Dagsag Sahod
2021 – The World Between Us

Movie List
No movie yet

Song List
2023 – Want You (Composed by Rina Mercado)

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