Why Have You Chosen Me Lyrics, Video

Why Have You Chosen Me Lyrics
Why have You chosen me out of millions Your child to be?
You know all the wrong that I’ve done
O, how could You pardon me, forgive my iniquity
To save me, give Jesus Your Son


O Lord, help me be what You want me to be
Your Word I will strive to obey
My life I now give, for You I will live
And walk by Your side all the way

I am amazed to know that a God so great could love me so
He’s willing and wanting to bless
His word is so wonderful, His mercy’s so bountiful
I can’t understand, I confess

Why Have You Chosen Me Video

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Why Have You Chosen Me
Why Have You Chosen Me


  1. We used to sing this way back when I was in my teens. Nice song. Thanks for posting this here. I am going to look this up again and probably teach my son this song. ☺️

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