How Sarah Blakely Became Wealthy with Pantyhose

On February 27 in the year 1971, the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire was born in Florida, USA. Her name is Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx, an American intimate apparel company. According to, her net worth was 610 million in 2020.

Sarah Blakely
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Sarah was the daughter of a lawyer and an artist. She obtained a degree in communications from Florida State University. After graduation, she briefly worked at Disney world. Later, she began her job at office supply company Danka where she worked as a door to door saleslady for fax machine. One evening, she tried to look good with her pantyhose by cutting its feet to make her butt look better in white pants. At that moment, an idea descended upon her that will forever change her life. She wanted to be an entrepreneur.

At the age 27 and with $5,000 capital which she had been saving previously, she founded her hosiery business in Atlanta, Georgia. She can’t afford to get a patent through a lawyer, so she wrote the patent herself. After struggling with many “no” answers, she was able to find a partner who agreed to manufacture a prototype of the product. Her next problem was how to get the department stores to carry her pantyhose. At last, a buyer from Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas agreed to an appointment with her. After a demonstration, the buyer ordered 3,000 pieces. Luckily, Oprah found out the Spanx and talked about it. Since then, fame and fortune followed Sarah.

Sarah is married and is the mother of four children. In 2012, she was featured by Forbes magazine as the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire. Later, she was listed as the one of the world’s most powerful women by Time magazine. She also appeared in almost all popular television talk shows.


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