Question for Today August 7

Question for Today August 7
Question for Today August 7

“What profit would there be for one
to gain the whole world
and forfeit his life?”
– Matthew 16:26


  1. None whatsoever; glad I know the Lord! I used to think that the world had things to offer; nope! This is going to pass and we can see just how fast “things” disappear….here today, gone tomorrow! I would rather store up my treasures in Heaven; such as relationships, family and friends that are “real” treasures and lead people to Jesus and they can do the same.

  2. I remember a song:

    Lord you are more precious than silver
    Lord you are more costly than gold
    Lord you are more beautiful than diamonds
    And nothing I desire compares with you

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow this was my favorite song in high school. Thanks for posting it here. Do you have a blog? I can’t access it from here.

      • Hi! I have several blogs, one of which is and

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