Ronald Wayne: The Forgotten Apple Founder

Life gives us all the opportunities to win but many times fear and self-doubt prevent us from reaching heights. This is exactly what happened to Ronald Wayne. Together with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, he founded Apple Computer, now Apple Inc. He should be one of the richest persons in the world today with a net worth of more than $100 billion had he not cash out from the company too soon.

Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne (Credit: Business Insider)

This is not to say that Ronald Wayne is a failure. If money is taken out of the success equation, he can be happy with what he has accomplished in other fields.

Ronald Wayne was born on May 17, 1934 in Ohio, USA. He trained as a technical draftsman in New York. Later he moved to California where he started a business selling slot machines. When his company eventually failed, he got employed at Atari, a video game company, where he met Steve Jobs who was also working there.

On April 1, 1976, he joined Jobs and Wozniak to form Apple Computer but he would opt out the next week or after only 11 days. He said in an interview with a newspaper that he was worried about bankruptcy which he already experienced 5 years ago. He continued working at Atari before he accepted a position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and later in an electronic company. He now holds several patents.

Ronald admitted he’s gay to Steve Jobs while both men were working at Atari. In 2011, he wrote a memoir titled, Adventures of an Apple Founder. He also published Insolence of Office, a socio-political treatise.

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  1. ♡ This is Very True of People who THINK!!! that Much Money and Power is The Only Measure of “Success”; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that The Happiest People on This Planet ARE Those with Next To No Money and Plenty of Family and Friends…so, for example, one of The Loneliest People on This Planet, that some call Gaia, is POTUS (President Of The United States); arguably The Most Powerful Person, Incredibly Wealthy, Sad and Lonely


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