Home is Where the Heart is

Many years have gone by and I
Haven’t seen you
But in my dreams you are there
As if on cue
Mountains, rice fields, and waterfall
Always lovely
Mother, brothers and sisters too
All embrace me

For home is truly where I go
To find love and acceptance
Where my heart sweetly rejoices
And peace is given a chance
A fool am I notwithstanding
Always in search of what is there
That the world has to offer
But it seems they’re just air!

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Elloy Waterfall in Ducligan, Banaue
Elloy Waterfall in Ducligan, Banaue, Ifugao Province


  1. Beautiful poem and image and connection to your post with the history of a place I don’t know, which clearly means a lot to you. Thank you for taking us the journey and reminding us of the simple things in this reflective time we are living. I hope you return to where your heart is often.

    • I am truly humbled by your kind words. Thank you very much Claire. God bless you.

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