The Past and the Memory

Alone at a bar I was drinking beer
And the photograph of a bygone year
Popped up in my mind, difficult to bear
It has been there, so long, in my mind’s rear

I do not mind as long as you are near
But there was no sound, no music to hear
I expected to, though it might be queer
See you beside me, list’ning to your cheer

I pray to heaven that I might not fear
The memory of you that brings a tear
The coming days and nights without a leer
And hope at last that success may appear

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The Past and the Memory
Beer (Photo credit: Big Hospitality)


    • You are welcome. Thanks for coming over. Yes, there some sweet memories but some are not pleasant. Mine is included in the first.

  1. We leave the past behind when we learn the lesson it was teaching us, and we learn love when we begin with feeling for ourselves what we have felt for another. Lovely evocative poem.

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