Inspiring Bible Verse for Today April 29 with Reflection

Inspiring Bible Verse for Today April 29 with Reflection
Inspiring Bible Verse for Today April 29 with Reflection

“You also must be patient.
Keep your hopes high,
for the day of the Lord’s coming is near.”
– James 5:8


What is patience? It is defined as the capacity to accept delay without being upset. It is a kind of power that allows us to overcome any challenging situation without losing our inner peace. For us who are “quarantined” at home, patience is the endurance to keep our sanity intact as we await at least a gradual return to normal living.

Today, We are living in an extraordinary time. The whole world is in darkness due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many lives are shattered. Some people lost their loved ones without even seeing them in their coffin. A lot of businesses are closed and unemployment is high. The economy is taking a downward turn and it may take a long time to recover. Life may become even worse before it becomes better.

In this kind of situation, we need tons of patience. History teaches us that pandemics come and go. As believers in the Almighty, we shall overcome. We will continue to hope. We can not allow fear to envelope us. The Holy Scripture keeps on reminding us that the present time will pass and there will be a new time – a time when there will be no more hunger, no more tears, no more suffering. When that time comes, Jesus will make all things new. (Revelation 21:4)

What can we do in the meantime? This is a great time to ponder – a time to examine or re-examine our life, our values, our goals. Let us spend it with our loved ones, reconnecting with long lost friends, but more importantly staying connected with our Creator. Then we will realize that patience while waiting is indeed a virtue.

(Background photo was taken in Samoa by my niece Abelyn)


    • Hi Sister, I will read more of the new Testament because the Old Testament must be interpreted in the light of the gospel.

      Thank you Sister for your comment. Maybe you can suggest something that will enlighten me. Thanks and God bless.

      • Hi Roy! I’m just always curious at people’s responses to that question. I heard from somewhere (I wish I could remember where) that usually those who are not Catholic prefer the Old Testament and most Catholics the New because of the new vs old covenant!

        I wish I could lend words of wisdom and enlightenment but I still have so much to learn! Thanks for the beautiful posts and the reply 🙂

        • It’s my first time actually to encounter such a question. I am also thinking there shouldn’t be a “versus” because both covenants are words of God .

          Thanks too Sister for posing the question. The Holy Scripture is always new and life-giving so must never get tired of learning and re-learning it.

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