The Beauty of Aklan Province: What to see, What to do

For those who want to travel online or for those who really want to plan their travel itinerary, it is best to check first which place to go and what activities to do. In the Philippines, one of the most visited places is Aklan, a province situated in the northern tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region. It is actually one of four provinces in that island.

Aklan is of course the home of Boracay Island where you can find one of the best beaches on earth! But Aklan Province is not all Boracay. You can find below the top ten destinations in this part of the Philippines. What to do? You can celebrate with the locals as Kalibo, the provincial capital, holds the Ati-Atihan Festival, one of the most popular festivals in the country.

The TOP-10 Places to visit in Aklan Province are:

1. Boracay Island – The Philippines’ top beach destination.
Located in Malay Municipality, Boracay is a tiny island measuring just 10.32 km². Yet on any particular day especially during summer, the number of people in the island goes up into the thousands. No worries about where to stay for the island is dotted with hundreds of hotels and resorts both for the moneyed travellers and ordinary backpackers.

2. Jawili Falls in Tangalan Municipality

3. Hurom-Hurom Spring in the town of Nabas

4. Sapsapon, Katipunan and Sabang caves in Buruanga

5. Nasuraan Falls in Libacao

6. Bakhawan Eco-Park in Kalibo

Bakhawan Eco-Park
Bakhawan Eco-Park (Credit: Youtube)

7. Pandan Hills in Batan

8. Aklan Freedom Park in Kalibo

9. St. John The Baptist Cathedral in Kalibo

10. Museo It Akean or Aklan’s Museum

What to do in Aklan?
Answer: A lot. You can go swimming in its rivers and seashores, relaxing in the different beaches, Kayaking, spelunking, hiking, or visiting its historical places. Go taste the local foods, pray in the old churches, and join the fun during festivals.

Watch the videos below to see what Aklan has to offer to visitors.

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