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Carles is a 2nd class coastal municipality of Iloilo province in Western Visayas Region, Philippines.

Carles Municipal Hall
Carles Municipal Hall (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Profile of Carles Municipality (Geography)
Location –> Easternmost part of Iloilo, Panay Island (See map below)
* Distance is 142 kilometres (88 mi) from the provincial capital, Iloilo City, 71 kilometres (44 mi) from Roxas City, Capiz and 141 kilometres (88 mi) from Kalibo, Aklan
Neighboring Towns –> Balasan (South), Pilar of Capiz (West)
Area –> 104.05 km2 (40.17 sq mi)
Population –> 68,160 (2015 Census)
Terrain –> Flat but the islands are hilly
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading, Tourism
Major Products –> Rice, Fish, Vegetables, Poultry, Handicraft, Home-made Food Items
People/Language –> Ilonggo, Tagalog, English
Barangays: 33
Revenue (2016) –> 130,473,158.35
Legislative District –> 5th

Government Officials
Congressman –> Raul C. Tupas
Mayor –> Siegfredo Betita
Vice Mayor –> Arnold T. Betita II


Carles was formerly a territory of Pilar in neighboring Capiz Province. It was then known as the barrio of Badiang although the original settlement was in Punta Bulakawe where the Poblacion now stands.
On July 1, 1862, Badiang was converted into a municipality and renamed Carles in honor of Jose Maria Carles, then the governor of Iloilo, who worked for the transfer of the territory from Capiz to Iloilo and who also approved its conversion into a town. The town’s first Gobernadorcillo was Alenjandro Buaya.

During the early part of the American period, Carles was demoted to a barrio of the municipality of Balasan. On January 1, 1920, it was reconverted into a municipality with Federico A. Ramos as the first Municipal President.

In 2013, the carles was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, considered as the strongest and deadliest calamity to wreak havoc in the Philippines.


Farming and fishing the main sources of livelihood among the residents. In the town center, several trading houses and other shops are found. Tourism is fast gaining importance as a local industry. Many residents are employed in small inns and restaurants while others serve as tourist guides.

Carles is rich in marine resources. Its sea waters produces fish, crabs, and seaweeds in commercial quantities. Bancal Fish Port is the landing area where fish catches from Iloilo, other Panay provinces, Masbate and Romblon are unloaded daily.

The island of Sicogon has a domestic airport. Big tourism development are in the planning board for Sicogon.

Tourist Spot

Bancal Port

Sicogon Island

North Gigante Island
South Gigante Island
Binuluangan Island
Calagnaan Island
Balbagon Island
Bantigue Island’s Sandbar
Naburot Island with its lighthouse


Pangisda Festival
Map of Carles Municipality

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