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Jaen is a 2nd class landlocked municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon (Region III), Philippines.

Jaen Welcome Arch
Jaen Welcome Arch (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Profile of Jaen Municipality (Geography)
Location –> at the center of Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon (See map below)
Distance from Manila –> 106.4 kilometers to the north
Neighboring Towns –> Zaragoza and Santa Rosa (north), San Leonardo (east), San Isidro (south), San Antonio (west)
Area –> 85.46 km2 (33.00 sq mi)
Population –> 73,184 (2015 Census)
Revenue (2016) –> 137,131,188.39
Barangays: 27
Terrain –> Flat
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading
Major Products –> Rice, Poultry, egg, vegetables, Mango, Handicraft, Home-made Food Items
People/Language –> Tagalog, Kapampangan, English
Legislative District –> 4th

Government Officials
Congressman –> Maricel Natividad Nagano
Mayor –> Sylvia Austria
Vice Mayor –> Luisito Austria


Jaen was formerly a territory of Gapan and later became part of San Antonio. Its old name was “Ibayong Ilog”. As a center of river trade, its population gradually grew. Two prominent leaders, Kabesang Prudencio Esquivel and Kapitan Antonio Embuscado, petitioned the Gobernadorcillo in Factoria (now San Isidro), then capital of Nueva Ecija to create a new pueblo. The petition was approved on June 18, 1865 but the name of the new pueblo was changed from Ibayong Ilog to Jaen, the birthplace of Fr. Gregorio Martínez in Spain. Rev. Martinez was then the Vicar-general of the Philippines who was instrumental in the approval of the town’s creation.

Nueva Ecija was one of the eight provinces which first declared revolution against Spain. There was huge battle in one of the barrios of Jaen. Today, that battle is immortalized by a historical marker in Barangay (village) Santo Tomas South.

Apolinario Esquivel became the first mayor of Jaen during the American occupation of the Philippines.

On March 16, 2020, Jaen was in the news because of the outbreak of bird flu or the H5N6 avian flu.


Jaen is a major rice-producing town. It is part of the so-called “Granary of the Philippines” which is centered on Nueva Ecija. It is also an important producer of poultry and egg. Other products include mango and vegetables.

At the town center (poblacion), there are many medium-size commercial buildings that house shops and groceries.

Tourist Spot

Jaen Catholic Church (San Agustin Parish Church)

San Agustin Parish Church Jaen Nueva Ecija
San Agustin Parish Church Jaen Nueva Ecija (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Pinaglabanan (Pinagtambangan) Marker
Municipal Park


Jaen Harvest Festival

Map of Jaen Municipality

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