Aroroy Masbate History, Tourist Spots, Festivals

Aroroy is a first class municipality of Masbate Province, Philippines.

Aroroy Masbate
Aroroy Masbate Official Seal (Credit: Facebook Page)

Profile of Aroroy Municipality (Geography)
Location –> Northwest of Masbate Island, Bicol Region, Philippines (See map below)
Neighboring Towns –> Baleno, Mandaon
Area –> 440.30 km2 (170.00 sq mi)
Population –> 86,168 (2015 Census)
Terrain –> Mountainous with narrow coastal plains
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading, Tourism
Major Products –> Rice, Vegetables, Poultry, Handicraft, Minerals
People/Language –> Masbateño; Hiligaynon; Bikolano, Tagalog, English
Barangays: 41
Revenue (2016) –> 328,154,098.83
Legislative District –> Second

Government Officials
Congressman –> Elisa Kho
Mayor –> Arturo “Turing” B. Virtucio
Vice Mayor –> Valentin C. Alonzo
Municipal Councilors (Sangguniang Bayan or SB Members):
Archimedes Suguitao
Lito Briones
Arturo Virtucio Jr.
Jovimel Jaquilmo
Julius Tuason
Susan Valera
Vicente Cioco

History of Aroroy, Masbate

The named Aroroy is believed to have been derived from the Spanish word “oro” for gold. Eventually, the name became Al-Oroy and later evolved into Aroroy. Its original name however is Puerto Barrera. In 1822, a fleet of Chinese vessels arrived in the area, guided by a certain Moro named Talcum. They came to explore for minerals along the Lanang River.

In 1904, the town was organized as a municipality after its separation from the town of Baleno.

Aroroy Economy

The people of Aroroy depend on farming and fishing for their livelihood. Rice, coconut, root crops and fish are the primary products. Although the town is believed to be rich in minerals, mining is not well-developed due to the opposition of some sectors of the population. Nevertheless, the Filminera Resources Corporation has been operating in the town for a long time and is big contributor to the financial resources of the town.

Tourism is fast developing as a major industry due to the presence of several points of interest.

Aroroy is home to an old port that is used mainly to transport minerals produced in the town.

Tourist Spot

Tinigban Beach
Buntod Sandbar
Kalanay Cave
Aroroy Lighthouse
Raphael the Archangel Church
Gato Island
Napayawan Island
Majaba Island


Halad Pasali / Halad Pag-Omaw – celebrated in honor of its Patron Saint, Raphael the Archangel

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Map of Aroroy Municipality

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