Jerry Pasigian Biography

Jerry Pasigian was a Filipino community organizer and politician. He served as mayor of Alfonso Castaneda, a municipality of Nueva Vizcaya Province in Cagayan Valley Region, Philippines. After winning the election on May 13, 2019, he passed away on June 3, 2019 due to high blood pressure. He was 46 years old.

Jerry Pasigian is considered as the first Bugkalot to become mayor. He became a prominent tribal leader during the before and after the construction of Casecnan Dam.

The Bugkalot tribe is one of several distinct cultural communities in Nueva Vizcaya.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Jerry P. Pasigian
Died –> June 3, 2019
Hometown –> Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Political Career / Work Experiences
2016-2019 – Mayor

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